Call for Papers

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We want your talk at GeeCON 2015!

Call for papers starts on 20 December 2014 and ends 20 February 2015.

We are especially interested in lectures about:
  • core JVM platform and its ecosystem
  • software engineering
  • agile methodologies
  • cloud computing
  • bigdata/noSQL
  • new or emerging languages
  • software quality assurance
  • mobile and embedded computing
  • new programming paradigms
  • If you want to increase your odds of being selected, please keep in mind the following:

  • we are keen to host presentations based on real life experience, showing practical ways of solving interesting computer science problems
  • in order to properly judge your submission we need to have a sufficient amount of information. Please ensure that your abstract covers all the important elements of your talk, include links to relevant projects, source code, slides.
  • document your experience as a conference speaker, include links to conference websites and videos from your previous speeches
  • your talk should be 15min or 60min in length (please remember about some time for discusions).
  • We will inform you about the accepted/rejected talks no later than three weeks after Call for Papers closing date.

    Before submitting, please take a look at call for papers rules

    All submission should be sent via this application. Contact us at if you have any questions or doubts regarding your submission.

    See you in Kraków!