4financeIT is a distributed software house, located in Warsaw, Riga, London, Vilnius and Prague, providing software to the rest of 4finance (12 different countries).

We are a relatively young business experiencing considerable growth.

We are strong on the JVM platform with Java 8, Groovy, and Spring. We keep our tools open source (https://github.com/4finance), we build libs to keep our microservices nice and easy (https://github.com/4finance/micro-infra-spring). We invest a lot in TDD/BDD, Domain Driven Design, we use Scrum as a method, but we fall back to Kanban, when we feel like.

We have small, self-organized teams of 4 devs + 1 QA. Once a month we have a full R&D day. Nearly every Friday, we have a 1-2h long workshop on something interesting. We host meetings of Warsaw Spring-Labs and Warsaw Groovy User Group.

We invest in our people (English or swimming lessons, trips to conferences in Barcelona and Antwerp, DevoxxPL/Geecon etc.), and it shows. You'll find our devs giving talks at many conferences in Poland

We have top-notch hardware (SSD, 32GB RAM, i7 4core, 2x24'' LCD, etc), and we pay really good.

And we kick ass in Fifa 15 :)

Join us and have fun!