Allegro full of ideas

We were established in 1999, started creating a Polish e-commerce from scratch. In 15 years, we have become part of a global structure, which manages 75 sites in 17 countries on 3 continents. From the beginning, guided by the same goal - the joy of buying and selling online. Today Allegro community in Poland has 12.5 million users. Nearly 1,500 employees takes care about the development and security in Allegro. We give our users the best tools: easily accessible giant market for retailers and the largest store in our part of Europe for customers.

Allegro full of technology

Following the needs of our Users we also provide these services through mobile applications. Everything is backed by advanced technology within the key areas: Big Data, Security and Mobile as well as agile software development practices. We share our knowledge on our technical blog, by lectures at conferences and universities, through participation in developers' community meetups and by Allegro Open Source.

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