With over 2000 Power People, Sii is The Top IT & Engineering services provider in Poland. We support our clients within the scope of testing, software development, infrastructure management as well as system integration and system maintenance. We execute various projects for leading worldwide companies from such sectors like banking and finance, insurance, telecommunications, Hi-Tech, utilities, industry, FMCG and many others.

The company was established in January 2006 in Warsaw. The founder was Gregoire Nitot, CEO of Sii Poland. The dynamic development of Sii in Poland as well as the growing demand of our clients have all resulted in the opening of new branches. Currently, after eight years of market presence we employ in delivery centers located in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Poznań, Kraków, Łódź, Lublin and since April 2014 - in Katowice. We also execute projects in Olsztyn Szczecin, Płock and other cities.

It is people that above all are important to Sii!

Our goals do not only include company development but also establishment of excellent employment atmosphere. That is why during the process of new employee recruitment we devote attention not only to skills and experience but above all to the fact of being fascinated with ones work as well as to personality traits, which shall allow for a fast paced integration of the new employee with our team.

As an employer, this year Sii for the third time in a row won the "Best Place to Work in IT Poland" in the third edition of the AudIT conducted by the weekly magazine "Computerworld" and TNS.

We are looking for individuals who wish to develop and who, thanks to their interests and work, shall achieve professional success and will become integral partners of our team. Interested?

Join us: rekrutacja-krakow@pl.sii.eu