Software Mind & Wind Mobile

As an expert provider of efficient and innovative technological solutions, we enable our customers to gain a competitive edge by enhancing their sales potential. We focus on delivering state-of-the-art specialised products for the financial, telecommunications and hotel industries. Software Mind and Wind Mobile also offer top-quality outsourcing of IT services for customers at home and abroad.

Software Mind and Wind Mobile, as a Group, implement its innovative solutions in the European Union, North America and Australia, and plan to launch its products onto other markets.

The achievements of the company continue to be appreciated, especially during such events as FinovateFall, EFMA Digital and Mobile Excellence, and the European Business Awards.

People on our board

We are a rapidly growing company, which main value are People. Software Mind and wind Mobile provide the unique atmosphere, which makes the work cases to be not just a daily duty, but a pleasure! That is why we make sure working at our company gives everyone development opportunities, satisfaction with the tasks performed, and above all friendly atmosphere.

Our unique products:

The Group's unique products and quality services allow our global customers to achieve their business objectives, thus gaining an advantage with new and exceptional technologies tailored to their individual needs and requirements. The Group’s flag products:

LiveBank - the virtual bank branch, allowing for a video contact with the advisors (Live Banking), conducting transactions and immediate reaction to the clients’ needs. The advanced solution, filling up the gap between the Internet and the visit to the bank branch, is the leader of the virtual banking in one of the most developed banking markets online.

iLumio – the integrated interactive system of hotel guest services, being at the same time the entertainment center, offers the guests attractive multimedia solutions and digital services, and the hotel owners, the effective management of the sales and the hotel management. The technological modernity of iLumio places it at the forefront of the world’s solutions. The product gains 80% of the newly build hotels (4 out or 5 in Poland).

Ringback Tones – the efficient and scalable platforms, allowing the cell phone operators to offer the hellow ringtone services, meaning music, advertising or information in place of the ring tone, while waiting for a connection. The One Ringback product, as the first one in the world, allows for an effective synergy of the digital music market participants, bringing them significant benefits.