- Day 2

Time Episode X: The Agile Menace
Room 5
In her majesty's Microservice
Room 1
The BigData Lebowski
Room 7
Till DevOps do us part
Room 11
Truthy Lies
Room 12
8:30 - 9:00 Breakfast
- Michał Parkoła
How do great entrepreneurs think?
Jakub Kubryński, Marcin Grzejszczak
Stick to the rules! Consumer Driven Contracts
Douglas Tait, Antón Yuste
Web Real Time Commutations – Voice, Video, and Data Communications
Patrycja Wegrzynowicz
Secure Authentication and Session Management
- Coffee Break
- Krzysztof Daniel
How to build c4p application.
Konrad `ktoso` Malawski
Need for Async: In pursuit of scalable internet-scale applications
Tom Bujok
10 NoSQL databases you have to know
Barbara Fusinska
Analysing GitHub commits with R and Azure
Sander Mak
TypeScript: coding JavaScript without the pain!
- Break
- Aviran Mordo
Advanced A/B Testing
Fred George
Challenges in Implementing MicroServices
DuyHai Doan
Big Data analytics with Spark & Cassandra
Steve Poole
DevOps and the Dark Side – 10 Ways to Convince You
Nicolas Fränkel
Improve Testing Code Quality with Mutation Testing
- Lunch Break
- Arek Skuza, Tom Bujok, Grant Ingersoll
Keep calm and start-up on your own!
Andrii Dzynia
Quality Built In @ Spotify
Pawel Szulc
Apache Spark - when things go wrong
Tomasz Kowalczewski
Everybody lies: Know your tools, metrics and monitoring
Simone Bordet
Scaling web apps with Servlet 3.1 Async I/O
- Break
- Kasia Mrowca
Art of saying NO - deal with feature gluttony!
Sam Newman
Principles Of Microservices
Christopher Batey
Building fault tolerant apps with Cassandra
Ioana Serban
TestOps - Chasing the White Whale
Kamil Szymański
A peek under Groovy's hood
- Coffee Break
- John Feminella
A Matter of Time
Sam Newman, Fred George
Microservices are a stupid idea. Discuss
Andrii Dzynia
Applying Testing Mindset to Software Development
Darek Kaczyński
Spring Rebooted
- Break
- Grant Ingersoll
Understanding what's important
20:00 Speakers dinner 4financeIT Party in Stara Zajezdnia

Schedule may change without prior notice.