- Day 3

Time Dev's Kitchen
Room 1
Mission Productive
Room 5
The Big Data Theory
Room 7
The web!
Room 11
Tower of Babel
Room 12
8:30 - 9:00 Breakfast
- Piotr Janas
MirrorLink - Car connected to Android smartphone
Adam Bien
About Java EE 7 Architectures
Enrico Risa
How GraphDB Started the Multi-model Revolution
Iván López
Grails and the real-time world
Tomasz Lelek
Microservices in Scalatra and / Akka HTTP
- Coffee Break
- Jacek Kunicki, Michał Matłoka
From spaghetti with no src/test to green CI, good coverage and well-sleeping developers
Quentin Adam
Why postgres SQL deserve noSQL fan respect
Radoslaw Scheibinger
How NOT to get lost in the current JS landscape.
Rafael Winterhalter
Understanding Java byte code
- Break
- Philipp Krenn
Painfree Object-Document Mapping for MongoDB
Tomasz Nurkiewicz
Hystrix – managing failures in distributed systems
Alvaro Sanchez-Mariscal
Ratpack 101
Jaroslaw Ratajski
Lambda Core – HardCore
- Lunch Break
- Markus Eisele
Wild Flies and a Camel - Java EE Integration
Bruno Bossola
msnos: a cool and cozy blanket for your microservices
Rafał Kuć, Radu Gheorghe
Tuning Elasticsearch Indexing Pipeline for Logs
Etiene Dalcol
Web development with Lua Programming Language
Daniel Nowak
From Java to Scala in Two Months
- Break
- Axel Fontaine
Immutable Infrastructure: the new App Deployment
Anatole Tresch
Go for the Money (Overview of JSR 354)
Krzysztof Debski
PubSub++ - few tips that make life with kafka easy
Michael Keith
The Emerging Enterprise Mobile Platform
Andrzej Grzesik
Go, the one language you have to learn!
- Coffee Break
- Tomasz Kowalczewski
Forgive me, for I have allocated
Philipp Krenn
How (not) to deploy your application to AWS
Tomasz Kaczanowski
Oh no yet another boring discussion
Radek Lont
IT office dojo
Osvaldas Grigas
Transition from OO to functional design in 15 minutes with Clojure
- Break
- Krzysztof Otrebski
Working with logs
Daniel Brown
Capacity Testing with Docker
Fabian Förster
What Can We Really Learn from Martial Arts?
Clément Delafargue
Tips and tricks for clean relational db schemas
Tomasz Borek
Stop thinking "legacy", it limits you!
- Coffee Break
- Scott Berkun & The Future of Work
Time Room 8
9.00 - 16.00 Hackergarten

Schedule may change without prior notice.