- Day 1

Time Agile Night Fever
Room 1
Internal Instinct
Room 5
Java 20 years later
Room 7
T for Toolchain
Room 11
The Fast and the Functional
Room 12
9:00 - 9:45 Registration & breakfast
9:45 - 10:00 Opening ceremony
- Wojciech Burkot
How to run technological revolution in semi-stagnant environment?
- Jonas Bonér
Life Beyond the Illusion of Present
- Coffee Break
- Matt Harasymczuk
Case Study: Agile
Angelika Langer
The Performance-Model of Streams in Java 8
Nicolas Fränkel
Cargo Culting and Memes in Java
David Blevins
Java EE Game Changers
Manuel Bernhardt
3 things you must know to think reactive
- Lunch Break
- Peter Van de Voorde
The 7 Evil (Er Agile) Skills you need to Succeed.
Sergey Kuksenko
Speedup your application with hardware counters
Dalibor Topic
JDK 9 Sneak Peek
Michael Nitschinger
A Survival Guide to Resilient Reactive Application
Clément Delafargue
Functional patterns in Scala
- Break
- Linda van der Pal
How to Get More Kids to Code
Simone Bordet
G1 Garbage Collector: details and tuning
David Delabassee
What's Coming in Java EE 8
Navin Surtani
Advanced Queries on the Infinispan Data Grid
Adam Warski
Implementing the Reactive Manifesto with Akka
- Coffee Break
- Paul Klipp
Improve your communication skills dramatically without saying a word
Nikita Salnikov-Tarnovski
First steps in GC tuning
Angelika Langer
Panel: Happy Birthday Java, you're 20!
José Valim
Tackling the modern web with the Phoenix web framework
- Break
- Tomasz Szymanski, Tomasz Kaczanowski, Scott Berkun
Remote work: heaven or hell?
Gleb Smirnov
Java Concurrency Under The Hood
Simone Bordet
HTTP 2.0 & Java: Current Status
Michael Nitschinger
State of the Art JVM Networking with Netty
Heiko Seeberger
Reactive Apps with Akka and AngularJS
20:00 Party time! - see you at Budda Bar (Rynek Glowny 6)

Schedule may change without prior notice.